The federal Duck Stamp is far more than just a required permit for hunting or fishing on national wildlife refuges.

The 2011 – 2012 Duck Stamp was painted by James Hautman of Minnesota

Ever since the first Duck Stamp was issued in 1934, the annual Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp has been a popular collectors item for hunters and non-hunters alike.

Today, the Duck Stamp also serves as an admission pass for all refuges that charge an entrance fee.

Haven’t bought yours yet? Buy one today! The Refuge System—and all the birds and other wildlife that call them home—will thank you!

Flowage pic

This is a man-made flowage created when a local creek was dammed some years ago and features some of the finest scenery in the region year around.  The flowage contains many fish species, but does not give them up easily. There is also abundant wildlife – birds, ducks, geese, deer, a wolf pack or two.

This is one of those remote areas where a vehicle can be faintly heard for several miles and it will seem to take forever to go by not getting much louder as it does. This shot was taken last August at dawn.The photographer is camped nearby.