Kids Ice Fishing Derby

By Jorge Buening


The fun starts at 8:30 for our annual kids Ice Fishing Clinic. Be sure to take the stairs when switching ponds: As we roll further into winter there are two emotional paths for us to take. One is to get sad and depressed knowing that there are still months of cold snowy weather ahead. The other is to get all amped up for the exciting winter activities that we can partake in. A few of these include snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and most importantly ice fishing. As a fish hatchery we view ice fishing as important, and we host an annual ice fishing clinic for area children. This event is currently scheduled for Saturday February 7, 2015 and preparation has already begun. Generally our ice fishing clinic utilizes two ponds, the first is filled with water and stocked with about 5,000 9 – 14 inch rainbow trout which naturally freezes over and becomes our fishing pond. One of the ponds adjacent to the fishing pond is then drained and used to house our instructional/warming/lunch tent. This all works great until we want to safely transition people from one pond to the other. This process is obstructed by a steep snowy pond wall, until now. Genoa biologist Jorge Buening approached volunteers Ron Walley and Don Schroeder from our F.U.M. Friends group and together a plan to make a removable staircase was developed. (The staircase has to be removable so that it is not completely covered with water during the times of the year that the pond is filled.) After a day of construction and installation the staircase was ready, complete with a railing and an intermediate railing (not in picture) to keep those rambunctious fisherpersons in line (no pun intended). So thank you to Ron and Don for your time, knowledge, and effort and to everyone we hope to see you on February 7, 2015stairs

Ron and Jorge test out the new stairs




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