Diving on the St. Croix

maple leaf
A female winged mapleleaf mussel is examined for signs of embryos within.

During September, several Region 3 scuba divers completed dives twice a week to check for gravid winged mapleleaf mussels on the St. Croix River near Saint Croix Falls(WI). Winged mapleleaf mussels are listed as endangered at both the state and federal level. This was, by far, the highlight of my diving season since I had the chance to observe several different mussel species displaying their lures to attract potential host fish. On one of my dives, we had the chance to observe two winged mapleleaf that were gravid and actively displaying. Nathan Eckert from the Genoa National Fish Hatchery brought these animals back as brood stock for future recovery efforts.

By Kyle Mosel



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