Volunteer Sunday
Every Sunday, we feature photos and other great work by a volunteer. If you would like to submit a photo or other materials, please contact Midwest Fisheries Center volunteer coordinator Gretchen Newberry at Gretchen_Newberry@fws.gov. Below are photos by Tom Siefkes, MFC volunteer and recent UW-Lacrosse grad we have recently featured.

Here is a bluegill volunteer Tom Siefkes caught in early May using a 1.5-inch lure on the Black River near La Crosse. Photo: A round sunfish with dark gill covers and a rusty belly held in a hand on a beach, with a lure dangling beside it.

This is an 11-inch yellow perch caught using a jig and a minnow on the Black River by volunteer Tom. Photo: A yellow and black-striped fish held in a hand near water, courtesy of Tome Siefkes.