Genoa Partners with Wisconsin DNR to provide Northern Pikeand Walleye Eggs

Genoa National Fish Hatchery was contacted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
with a request to supply Northern Pike and Walleye eggs for Lake Mills State Fish Hatchery, WI.
Northern Pike on the Mississippi River start spawning in early April just before ice out and for a few
weeks after the ice has cleared. Staff from the Genoa National Fish Hatchery set fyke nets in the
backwaters of the Mississippi River where the water is shallower and warmer during this time of year
to collect enough adults for spawning. Once enough adults were collected the eggs were fertilized
and WI DNR staff met GNFH staff to pick up the eggs and return them to Lake Mills Hatchery. Lake
Mills Fish Hatchery will rear these fish at the hatchery for stocking into state waterbodies in support of
sport fishing opportunities for anglers.

By: Orey Eckes


Hoop net in water and pike eggs being measured. Photo: USFWS