Lake Sturgeon Collection of the Sturgeon River

Genoa National Fish Hatchery raises tens of thousands of Lake Sturgeon every year for restoration efforts across the country. We currently raise Lake Sturgeon from the Wolf River, Wisconsin River, Rainy River, St. Clair River, and St. Lawerence River that are stocked in Tennessee, Minnesota, Ohio, and New York. This year we are excited to announce we have added the Sturgeon River to our resume. With the help of federal, state, and tribal partners adult Lake Sturgeon collection occurred near the Prickett Dam.
The eggs were collected and fertilized and then transported to the Genoa National Fish Hatchery. These fish will be raised at Genoa for approximately 4 months where they will grow to 7-8in. They will then be tagged and brought to Missouri where half will be released in the upper Missouri River and half will be released in the lower Missouri River. We are very excited to add another strain to our Lake Sturgeon restoration effort and look forward to continued restoration of the Lake Sturgeon. By: Jadon Motquin

Hundreds of 2-3-inch Lake Sturgeon in a tank. Photo: Erica Rasmussen/USFWS