Technology to Monitor Pond Production of Mussels

The last couple years at Genoa NFH, we’ve been experimenting with different methods of growing out juvenile freshwater mussels along with Largemouth Bass in productions ponds. This field is relatively new without a lot of past research to draw from. The pond environment is quite different than the river environment that our riverine species are accustomed to, but we’ve had some successes to go along with the failures. We’ve been able to point to temperature and pH as two potential water quality variables that may have limited success in the past. To combat that, we’ve installed real-time monitoring instruments that are able to transmit data wirelessly to our computers. This will allow us to respond more quickly as issues arise to mitigate for those issues and hopefully keep our baby mussels happy. Stay tuned for the next chapter of this story this fall!
By: Nick Bloomfield

Zach installing the control box at Pond 14 North