Wolf River Lake Sturgeon Spawning

As Walleye season and Rainbow trout stocking come to an end, Lake Sturgeon spawning season has begun. Our first trip is to the Wolf River located below the dam in Shawano, WI. This is where WI DNR staff and UWSP students collect adult Lake Sturgeon to checks tags, take lengths, and extract eggs and milt. Once the eggs and milt are collected the adult Lake Sturgeon are immediately returned to the Wolf River. Eggs are then fertilized and transported back to the Genoa National Fish Hatchery for rearing. The eggs will rear for approximately 7 days before hatching and 21 days after hatching they will start feeding. The juveniles are provided brine shrimp for the first four weeks followed by ground bloodworms and eventually whole bloodworms for the next 8 weeks until they are fed krill for the remainder of the season. Once the growing season (May-Sep.) is completed they are approximately 7 inches in length and are ready to be stocked. The Wolf River juveniles will be stocked in the Cumberland River and the Upper Portion of the Tennessee River through partnerships with Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency. While feeding the juveniles 3 times a day staff are also working on ongoing research projects such as the recently completed study: Growth and Survival of Lake Sturgeon Fed Traditional Diets vs. Commercial diets and Bioaccumulation of Contaminants of Emerging Concern within Traditionally and Commercially Fed Lake Sturgeon. By: Jadon Motquin